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Practice is not about hours, it's about intention

A big problem that keeps dancers from progressing is a misconception of practice. When people ask me how to get better, they think I have a secret that will let them skip the hours of training that are required. So I'm sure they are disappointed when I say that they need to be intentional about getting better and put in more structured practice hours.

You might already be dancing a lot, but we often mistake dancing for practice. Unless you are mindfully improving your skills, you are just dancing. And there is nothing wrong with that. It's fun and we should enjoy it. But I don't want you to be disappointed that after hundreds of hours of dancing you haven't gotten any better.

Anyone who excels at what they do puts in hours of practice. Look at top caliber athletes, for example. Though they have a love for playing sports, the majority of their conditioning and preparation isn't spent playing pick-up games & scrimmages. It is spent lifting weights, stretching, running drills, building endurance, watching film, tracking nutrition, etc. Hours and hours dedicated every week so that when they actually do the thing they love - sports - they can perform at a high level.

So If you are serious about improving your dancing have a look at how (or if) you really practice. As artists, it's easy to contribute a lack of progression to a creative block. Though I've found in most cases plateaus stem from a failure to realize that inspiration isn't going to strike you. It will manifest once you've put in the work.

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