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Sharing my journey. living out my passion. Persisting through struggles.

Hoping to serve as inspiration for others TO Follow where their hearts lead. 

My Manifesto: The Prologue - The Importance of Sharing Stories

My tendency for wanting to inspire and uplift keeps me from sharing as much content as I would like. I want to have every word to be profound - to spark new ideas. That isn't feasible, especially with constraints on my time and energy. So I've pushed myself to produce less than stellar content on a more consistent basis. It goes against my natural tendencies. We'll see how it goes.

I don't have any deep wisdom to share as a 31-year-old starting out on a new career path. I'm sorry if you are looking for immediate answers to your pressing problems. This site probably isn't the best place for that. I'm still figuring out this journey of leadership, development, and living my passion. However, I can share my story and my journey with you. And maybe from that, you can pull insights and epiphanies to apply to your situation (or at least be entertained at my failures along the way).

We all have impactful stories to share with our peers that might seem ordinary to us. Those same mundane occurrences can help someone see their struggles aren't unique -- that there are people out there who have the same fears, share the same pains, and bump into the same obstacles. And when we see these individuals can ultimately claim victory, we start to have hope we can get there as well. We shouldn't downplay the effect that we can have by being open and vulnerable about our life experiences. 

So I'm here to share my story with the hopes that it might spark something in you. I want my pitfalls to give you hope in your resiliency. I want my ordinary existence to make success seem very attainable if framed correctly.

You can consider these next few posts a prequel to my manifesto. For those who don't know me, I'll be introducing myself for the first time. For those who do know me,  I might bring a new perception to the person you think you know. We'll start from my childhood and bring it to present day in a few posts. Let the story begin.

My story: The Prequel

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