executive director of everybody Dance Now!

Sharing my journey. living out my passion. Persisting through struggles.

Hoping to serve as inspiration for others TO Follow where their hearts lead. 

Art through tragedy

I'm teaching class today. And it's the last thing I feel like doing. With the recurrence of violence rooted in ignorance/hate, I'm not in a dancing mood. Despite that, I will go into the studio, blast some music and teach. It's my routine. It's where the find peace. It's how I express who I am - even in moments where I don't feel much like myself.

Maybe I'll find refuge on the hardwood - where people come together and build - where culture, language, and ethnicity aren't barriers to engagement and open communication. This is where I've been placed to make a difference - my platform to speak.It's where I share and show love for people as they are and not as I assume them to be.

I'm hoping that the world isn't as broken as we've seen it the last few days. I can only do my part to show it isn't.

Winning isn't everything and sometimes it should be the last thing

I don't look for inspiration on Youtube.