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I don't look for inspiration on Youtube.

I stopped searching for dance videos over a year ago. So don't ask me 'Oh have you seen this?' Because I probably haven't and I prefer not to.

Don't get me wrong. When I first started dancing I couldn't watch enough videos. Even before the days of Youtube, I'd rip DVDs, patrol message boards for new clips, or traded for videos on P2P servers like Soulseek (yeah some of you remember those days). The dance was new and fresh to me and I was eager to soak up everything I could. I wanted to accelerate my learning. 

Fast forward a decade. Now even when someone sends me a link or posts to my page to tell me to watch something, I usually can't get through it. It has nothing to do with the quality of dancing. It's simply not where I get inspiration right now. And it's probably not where you should be getting yours from either.

The people who innovated these dance forms didn't have a template to copy from or videos to watch. As a result, they pulled from their lives, entertainment, or their environment. They learned to portray stories and ideas through movement. When they came together with other dancers, it was to gain new perspectives, not to pick up someone else's style. It's not too surprising that they are the most creative generation our culture has known.

Today, people try to mimic another individual's entire style. Where is the craft in that? Where is the creativity? Where is the self-expression? Yeah the forged art might look like the original, but it's still worthless.

Art through tragedy

How do you develop passion? You don't. You find It