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Dance is a language...and your goal is fluency

You should read the title again and take some time to let it sink in. It's perhaps the best piece of advice that I can give you as a tool for developing your skills.

Your goal as a dancer is becoming a better 'speaker' each day. You already have a general understanding of one - if not multiple - languages. With that knowledge, you know what it takes to improve. Any setbacks, bad performances or plateaus simply become an error in your ability to communicate.

So with that said, the first goal in learning the language of dance: 
That's it. You want to be able to state an idea or story that a native speaker can understand.

When you start learning a language, you don't reach for a dictionary. Your goal is not to study every word you might use one day.  Instead you want to learn vocabulary and phrases that are used in basic, everyday conversation. If you took an inventory of your current conversations, for example, you would realize that with a few hundred words, you could communicate 80-90% of all your ideas.

The best way to fluency is to immerse yourself with other speakers. People attend language roundtables, online community groups, and classes to connect with individuals speaking the same tongue. So if you are attempting to become a better dancer by simply watching youtube videos in your room - stop. Go and find a practice session, a class, a party, or somewhere that native speakers of the style hang out. And then - this is the hard part - you need to dance WITH these people. Yep, you can't just dance AROUND these people. You need to engage in conversation. That means speaking, listening, and responding.

The moment I moved to Boston and was introduced to the dance community, my growth was exponential. Getting around other people taught me how to express myself in new, innovative ways. It showed me how to connect with someone. I learned to challenge what I thought I knew. Even today when people ask what I do when I'm in a rut, I give them the same answer. The moment I seek inspiration, I look for community.

Dance is a language...so make interesting conversation

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