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What I am reading? How to do less and feel better about it

For this week, I'm returning to one of my favorite books. It's one that I start and end each year with.  Each read helps me understand a bit more of the philosophy and put it into practice. And a quick reminder never hurts.

What am I reading now? 
"Essentialism" by Greg McKeown

What made me pick it up?
This is easily in my top five books. I have read it at least once a year since I purchased it. I consistently find myself with more to do than time to do it. I attempted reading books on productivity and began to understand that efficiency was not my main problem. All the hacks I could think of couldn't create the free time I needed. I had to understand how to create more time by defining what is truly essential and be okay with leaving other things alone.

What are some points that spoke to me?
I am always saying no to something.
I am a notorious people-pleasure, one of the side effects of being an INFJ. So often I default to saying yes and end up with an unrealistic calendar marked with overlapping events. In agreeing to one obligation, I was simultaneously saying no to a future opportunity or worst yet - a key priority. This book has some great points on practicing a "gracious no" that I've been putting to use.

There are only a few important things in life, a majority of things worthless.
This was harsh to hear at first. I like to thing I'm not spending most of my days on things that don't really matter. However, when I step back and assess my daily tasks, this becomes clearer. With barrage of demands that find their way to me each day, only one or two have an impact on my life. 

Who would benefit from this read?
This is the book I've recommended and gifted the most so I'll say everyone who has a chance should pick this up. You don't have to read this as often as I do, but I'm sure you'll pick up something of value. Especially if you are an overachiever and seem to have too much on your plate. I'd love to hear what you have gotten from it.

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