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How I get better at dancing by not dancing

I encourage everyone I teach to drill foundation.  Without a solid base, all future progress is hindered. However, improving your dancing involves more than perfecting technique. Eventually, you will need inspiration and ideas. I say 80% of my growth over the years has been in my mentality and the rest in my physicality. I might come as a surprise to some that I only dance a couple of hours a week. But there are so many practices outside of dancing that I do daily to hone my craft. So I'll be using the next few posts to share my top five non-dancing routines to level up. 

Before doing so, I want to make two things clear:
1. This is not a universal list of what you should be doing. These are my personal preferences. They might not have the same effect on you. They might not even be needed depending on what area of growth you are striving for. The important thing is not to copy anyone's routine; it's to develop one in the first place.

2. Whatever your routine ends up being, perform it with intention. Without intention, progress won't happen. When you go to the gym, you probably don't wander around, complete a random assortment of exercises and leave feeling accomplished. Instead, you plan what muscles you want to strengthen, perform the appropriate exercises and repetitions, and schedule days & times of the week to workout.

Use these next few posts as a template for identifying your own areas of improvement. Once you have them, you can start researching best practices and experiment to learn what suits you.

With those ideas in mind, we'll begin tomorrow with the top practice I've implemented for improving my dancing - meditation.

How meditation makes me a better dancer

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