executive director of everybody Dance Now!

Sharing my journey. living out my passion. Persisting through struggles.

Hoping to serve as inspiration for others TO Follow where their hearts lead. 

#GivingTuesday - a mindset that you should have everyday

With the start of the giving season and #GivingTuesday, I'm excited to see people standing for causes, missions, and people that they believe in. With our actions, we vote for the world we'd like to see.

For me, I give because there is not an alternative. My mentors introduced me to an artform that has changed the trajectory of my life for the better. The knowledge and inspiration poured into me since I started this journey of dance are wasted if I don't pay it forward. Talents are called gifts for a reason - they don't mean much until they are share with others.

And I hope everyone can find something to support. And most importantly, I hope everyone can take the spirit of the giving season and spread it beyond the holidays. 

For those who would like to help 100 kids in New York start on their own journey through dance next semester, please visit Everybody Dance Now to donate.

How I get better at dancing by not dancing

What am I reading? How not to give a f*ck