Outside of family, dance is one of the most important things to me. As much as my current career revolves around it, I’m not dancing during the workday. I’m researching, writing proposals, networking, speaking, holding meetings, and figuring out where we go next. I’m no less passionate about practicing, going to jams or taking classes. I still do those to fuel myself — not my work.

Passion is an excellent motivator for action. Enjoying something makes it more likely that you'll find time to do it. But it usually ends there. Interest has to be followed by diligence, learning, and growth. Discovering my ‘dream job’ was awesome. I could easily speak from the heart to partners, donors, and investors about my love for the arts. However, putting emphasis on my affection for the vision kept me from focusing on my development as a leader.

I’ve been using these first weeks of the New Year to reflect and set intentions. With introspection has come a growing awareness of the faulty beliefs I've held in the past. Principles that sounded like universal truths, but when applied, didn’t result in success. When I would fail, however, I wouldn’t question the principle. Instead, I internalized it as a personal flaw, lack of discipline, or whatever else might be wrong with me. It took many years to see I had bought into an idea that wasn’t serving me.